The Empty Chair Anthology
edited by Jean Taylor

Empty Chair

Coming in 2015.

Call for Submissions

The first in a series of Pixel Hall Press short story anthologies, The Empty Chair Anthology will feature tales on the theme of an empty chair. If you have an idea for a short story that you feel would fit the theme of the Empty Chair Anthology, we'd be happy to hear from you. But, please read our Writers Guidelines first. And please don't send stories before querying.

Below are our answers to frequently asked questions about submitting to The Empty Chair Anthology.

1. What word counts are you looking for? The average word count for stories that we'll accept will be 1,500 to 5,000. However, we may include one novella as long as 15,000, if it is one we can't resist.

2. Will you consider previously published stories? Yes and maybe. It depends on where it was published and what rights the author has retained. However, once we've accepted a story, it can not be concurrently published elsewhere.

3. What is your deadline for submissions? Our deadline is May 31, 2015 -- or until we have accepted enough stories to fill the anthology.

4. What genre stories do you want to see? Rather than genre, we focus on how compelling a story is, how memorable the characters, how the narrative develops while avoiding cliches. We're looking for highly polished, tightly written stories by writers who know their craft. On the other hand, we will be seeking a balance among the various genres and styles represented.

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