Cautionary Tales for the New Millennium

a PHP Short

by Eric Nielsson
Illustrated by Jay Munro

"...hilarious...brilliant social commentary." ~ Grady Harp

"Witty, sarcastic, but with a grain of Truth" ~ Julie Whitely

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A droll, slightly jaundiced look at contemporary morés, this mini collection of very short illustrated stories reaches below the funny bone to expose insights and truths about who we are and what we are becoming.

Even in the best of times, life has always been complicated and confusing. But the new social and technological dynamics that have taken over our world since the turn of the century have flummoxed us beyond belief (and maybe redemption). Navigating through this bewildering minefield called life while keeping your sense of humor intact is what Eric Nielsson's Cautionary Tales for the New Millennium is about. In just a few words, he manages to capture the droll, ironic realities of the modern everyday while making us think (and smile).

Jay Munro's illustrations offer delightful counterpoint to Eric Nielsson's tales of woe and wonder, and the combination is a memorable collection that is reminiscent of The New Yorker's old short humor pieces.

"Written with wit and style, these stories make for a great read." ~ Evie Harris

Click to Read a Free Story "Divine Lawsuit" from Cautionary Tales for the New Millennium

30 pages
eBook $0.99
ISBN: 978-0-9883871-7-1
Category: Short stories, humor

About Eric Nielsson

In early 2001, Eric Nielsson dropped out of the corporate rat race, to follow wherever highways and byways led him — always with a notebook and pen in hand. He claims that he has left technology behind, and doesn’t even have an email address or cell phone. Eric is always writing, and has promised to deliver another series of quick humorous sketches of modern life that will make you smile, then wince with recognition, which Pixel Hall Press will publish in 2015.

About Jay Munro

Jay Munro has been cartooning since high school, looking at the world in a slightly twisted way. He’s currently working as a tech writer, but also indulges in cartooning, photography, motorcycle riding, guitar playing, electronics tinkering, and wine making. He, his wife Kathy, and Frankie the cat live in the Northwest trying to figure out how to retire and spend their time riding the roads. Check out some of his other 'toons at

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